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Attainable Housing Options

​Overdevelopment has caused several issues in Sarasota County, but none are quite as severe as our access to attainable housing options. We need a multi-pronged approach that will consist of many of these solutions; mandated affordable housing percentage requirements, low-interest loan programs for housing construction, building the Missing-Middle, and creating community-owned land banks that provide long-term low prices to individual homebuilders.

Preserving Single Member Districts

In 2016 citizens of Sarasota County overwhelmingly supported and passed Single Member Districts for County Commission races. Since then, the Republican-run County Commission has used every tool at its disposal to attempt to overthrow the will of the voters. This attempt even included a forced second referendum in 2022. Citizens again overwhelmingly defeated the reversal. As your County Commissioner, I promise to protect the will of the voters and preserve Single Member Districts here in Sarasota County.

Lowering Property Taxes

Sarasota residents are hurting in more ways than one, squeezed out by increasing mortgage rates and skyrocketing insurance costs. As a result, many families are looking for relief. Meanwhile, Sarasota County has seen coffers filled due to increased property values and growth in our community. I will work hard to maintain a fiscally responsible budget and provide relief to everyday families by lowering local property taxes.

Protecting Phillippi Creek and Our Waterways

Phillippi Creek has been subject to some of the worst pollution mishaps in Sarasota. I will fight to clean up all our waterways around the county and protect them from future pollution by demanding our water and sewage treatment systems keep up with the demand our growth warrants. In addition, we must work to clean up our bays and prioritize our environment NOW, to prevent the need for cleanup in the future.

Supporting Public Transportation

All of Sarasota benefits from a robust and varied public transportation network. It reduces traffic and helps many across the community get where they need to go when other resources are limited. Reforming SCAT to offer more buses, more routes, and more consistent service must be a priority. In addition, we must focus on diversifying transportation options accessible to the public. Doing so will benefit the county 10-fold.

Expanding County Services

We all rely on the County to provide certain essential services; unfortunately, in Sarasota County, not all public services are funded and improved to match our society's needs. I will work hard to expand our community's services, such as mental health care access. Increased mental health service programs have proven successful as far as Colorado and as near as Pinellas county. Having a team of highly trained professionals able to respond to homeless citizens or others experiencing a mental health episode can help save lives.